Vast Frontiers Ltd is a publishing company owned and run by science fiction writers,  Colin F. Barnes and Darren Wearmouth who, together, write novels as Wearmouth & Barnes.

In 2015, we decided to expand our company to include other writer’s works in our catalog. The first inductee into the Vast Frontiers’ universe was space opera writer, A.C. Hadfield. We published the first three of his Carson Mach series throughout 2015, and expect to publish many more in the years to come.

Vast Frontiers Ltd is a different kind of publishing company. For example, we’re not open to submissions and currently have no plans to be. Instead, we like to build relationships with writers and only include those who share our values and vision. When a reader buys a Vast Frontiers book, we want them to know that there will be a certain degree of quality that they can trust. Each book will feature our values of interesting stories well told with no boundary constraints.

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